Dec 15

The 3 C’s – More Ways to Add Meaning to Your Holiday Season – Even If Your Child is Struggling

Care, Connect, and Concentrate

Care, Connect, and Concentrate

This article is a ‘part 2′ to last week’s blog: The 3 G’s – How to Have a Satisfying Holiday Season – Even When Your Child Is Struggling.

As I discussed last week, the holidays can be particularly difficult for parents of struggling children, especially if the kids are away at treatment or are physically and emotionally estranged from us.  Having ‘fun’ is hard to do, and may even seem like an absurd notion.  In my previous article I outlined the 3 G’s to help us not only get through, but to have a satisfying and meaningful holiday season.

Today I offer more ideas with the 3 C’s, and here they are:

Care – for yourself!  Yes, that’s right.  Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do – for you and for your child.  It seems counter intuitive, but it really is true.  Give yourself the gift of better self-care, and by doing so you will be giving to your loved ones as well.  You can’t give away what you first don’t have for yourself.  There are countless ways to do this, the possibilities are endless.

Start with downloading our thought provoking audio and workbook – ‘4 Giant Pitfalls to Avoid While Your Child Is In Recovery – Plus The One Critical Fact You Must Know’.  Click here now.  The audio addresses this very issue, and it is a great place to start.  You deserve it, and so does everyone you care about!

Connect.  At a very basic level, we all need connection with other people in order to thrive, and yet as parents of kids who are troubled or acting out, we tend to isolate and thereby cut off the very connections that we need most.  I urge you to fight that tendency to retreat, and reach out to those you have been feeling less connected to.  Maybe it is a friend, a family member, someone from your place of worship, or somebody you have not seen in a long time.  Make the effort, and you will reap the reward! 

Concentrate – on the present moment.  Smell the candles, savor the food, look at the lights, hear the music and the fireworks, and feel the warmth.  Use all of your senses to stay present in the moment, and by doing so you will maximize your experience in the here and now.  Don’t let the regret of the past or the worry of tomorrow rob you of the good you have to experience right now – at least for a while during this season.  Try it – it works!

I hope these ideas will help you gain all the peace, happiness, self-care, and enjoyment you can find this holiday season!  If you are stuck this holiday season and are not sure how to move forward, contact me today for your 1/2 hour complimentary session where we outline actions you can take immediately!

What other ways do you personally use to bring meaning and fulfillment to your holidays?  Please share below in the comments section.


Leslie Ferris is a Certified and Credentialed Life Coach

Serving the parents of struggling tweens, teens, and young adults

Contact her today for your 1/2 complimentary discussion to explore what life coaching can do for you.

Connect with her via her website at http://www.phase2foryou.com

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Click here for the Audio and Workbook – 4 Giant Pitfalls to Avoid While Your Child Is In Recovery

This is a great gift for yourself or a friend!


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  1. Cathy Taughinbaugh

    These are great tips for any family, Leslie! It can be a struggle during the holidays. I try and keep things simple and enjoy the moments with my family and friends. You are an amazing coach, and I know you will be a wonderful support system for any parent. Take care and enjoy the holidays with your family!

  2. Leslie Ferris

    Oh thanks Cathy, and likewise! Simple and in the moment with those we care about – that’s the best! Cheers.

  3. Bill White, Licensed Counselor

    Hi Leslie!
    I like your 3 C’s. They’re all very good; however, I’m hanging my hat on “Care.” I believe the holiday season can be so treacherous for many – in so many ways. So self-care is huge. For me, I find fulfillment and meaning in reflection. I don’t force the memories or present circumstances that will be processed. I just open my mind to the flow, which takes me to all sorts of interesting – and necessary – places. Always appreciate the care with which you write and share. Thank you, and happiest of holidays…

  4. Lisa Frederiksen - BreakingTheCycles.com

    I love all of these suggestions, Leslie. Boy, I remember 10 years ago when I first started my secondhand drinking recovery… the thought of self-care was so foreign because it seemed, well, “selfish.” But now I understand it’s a huge stress reliever and it reminds me that I am an individual, separate from my role or connection with others. It took many years, as has the effort to truly try to live in the moment. But both have been and continue to be hugely important. Thanks for another great article!

  5. Herby Bell

    First of all, I love 3’s. My three Bell Boys and I digress…But there is something magical about 3’s and WHAT simply perfect advice for this activity and emotionally laden time of year. And your gift of an invaluable audio recording, to boot.

    Imagine me walking my dog listening to your gift while thinking about these three healing suggestions over the next couple of weeks. You never know what you’re going to do or say to help someone and so…now ya know. Thank You, Coach!

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