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3 Simple Reasons Why Being In Nature Can Help You

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."   - Albert Camus

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”  – John Burroughs

Yep that right, you don’t have to go very far to find verification that there is incredible healing power in nature.  Google it and you’ll get about a ba-zillion hits – no need for me to try to summarize all of that here.  It’s all out there for you if you want to find it.  What I do want to do however is to convince you as a parent of a struggling child to give it a try.  Get out there and see, smell, and hear some nature for your own benefit.  Because I know with all certainty that it helps!

As outlined in The Healing Power of Nature by Debra Manchester MacMannis, LCSW, on www.psychcentral.com, being in nature has some real documented healing qualities for kids, especially those with ADHD.  And what’s interesting is that at least to some degree, it has a positive effect on us parents too.  And why is that?

Really, there could be a whole bunch of reasons, and many might be a lot more scientific than these – but this is what I have found:


  1. Nature can help us be present in the moment for a while during a time in our lives that may be too often consumed with fear and worry.  When we are smelling the fresh air, looking at a beautiful panorama, or concentrating on hiking a trail, our minds are at least momentarily in the present moment and therefore have let go of past regrets or future ‘What-ifs’ (aka – worrying about what might happen….).
  2. When we get out of our normal habitat and out into the open, some fresh perspectives tend to come to light.  Some quiet (or at least different) time in nature has a way of opening up our minds and letting some fresh thoughts in, which can me most useful in difficult times like these. 
  3. We are likely getting some exercise along with our nature jaunt – a double win.   Another well known fact is that exercise is a mind clearer, and stress reliever.   Whether we are walking around our neighborhood or city streets, are in a park, or are mountain hiking, we are getting the double benefit of exercise!


 “If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way”.  – Aristotle

 “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.  – Albert Einstein


It’s so true that nature heals.  The ancient philosophers knew it, the great physicist Albert Einstein knew it, and we know it too.  It’s just a matter of putting some nature time into our days.

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I love the beautiful colors, the crisp apples, the cool night air, and the promise of change in the wind.   I try especially hard this time of year to get out there and experience it, because I know that soon the leaves will drop and all of my perennials will take their extended siesta.  I suppose it is that inevitability that prompts me the most.

How about you?  What will it take to get you out there enjoying a little bit of nature?


Leslie Ferris is a Certified and Credentialed Life Coach

Serving the parents of struggling tweens, teens, and young adults

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  1. Cathy Taughinbaugh

    Hi Leslie,

    Great reminder to enjoy life outdoors during these last couple of months before winter. I love being in nature. A good hike or just being in the wilderness brings everything back into perspective. Great reminder to enjoy nature on a regular basis and to introduce it to our kids.

    1. Leslie Ferris

      Good point about introducing it to the kids. These days we really need to make that a big effort, as opposed having it happen organically!

  2. Lisa Frederiksen - BreakingTheCycles.com

    I am a firm believer in the health and healing of being in nature and practice it as often as I can. Today, in fact, I took one of my favorite hikes up to The Meadows at Wunderlick Park – redwood stands, eucalyptus trees, deer, bird song, quiet, clouds, smells… I absolutely thrive there and return to my work much revived. I got started on making the effort to do this when I first started my journey through recovery from secondhand drinking impacts and have kept it up ever since. I ditto everything you’ve said about it! Thanks for this wonderful post, Leslie!

    1. Leslie Ferris

      Great stuff Lisa. That hike sounds fantastic – maybe someday will get to do that! Winter is a challenge for us out here in the Midwest – but it can still be done! So glad the great outdoors helped you on your journey and continues to do so. There really is nothing like it!

  3. Bill White, Licensed Counselor

    Hi Leslie!
    Love the quote from Burroughs – and if nature’s good enough for Einstein (one of my heroes) it’s plenty good enough for me. I like your point about the double-effect of being in nature – the experience itself and the physical activity. Great combo. I’m with you on this time of the year – such a sensual treat. Puts me in a very good place. Amazing, isn’t it? The simple – truly natural – things are the deep-healers. Thank you for the reminder…

    1. Leslie Ferris

      Sure thing Bill – and I love Einstein as well. Such a brilliant and multifaceted character!

  4. Jody Lamb

    Hi Leslie! There’s nothing in the world better for my soul than being outside, bonding with nature. I wrote my first book beside a lake and right now, I’m working on my second book, beneath a tree. I’m not sure I can free my mind enough elsewhere. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of being outside, exercising and breathing, in the fresh air.

    1. Leslie Ferris

      Terrific Jody. Appreciate that! Can’t wait to read your second book. May you get enough nature time to finish and publish soon! Cheers.

  5. Herby Bell

    OMG…You know, Leslie, when I can’t get in the wild, when I can’t surf regularly, I practice what it’s like in the gym with body language, with recollected imagery and sensations and HTG, I’m there and all of me becomes present and accounted for.

    You SO speak to my whole enchilada with your explanations of why communing with nature, with really–what I am–is a required activity of any healthy human.

    As I embark upon a walk with my Spirit Guide, Tory the dog this morning, I will be in a more natural state of mind thanks to you. GREAT post.

    1. Leslie Ferris

      Awesome Herby. I love that. Hope you and Tory had some great mind clearing nature time!

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