Nov 11

Parents: Are you using your intuition enough?

Which way,  your head or your intuition?

Which way, your head or your intuition?

“Nothing comes unannounced, but many can miss the announcement. So it’s very important to actually listen to your own intuition rather than driving through it.”  – Terence McKenna

And so it goes with us parents of struggling kids.  At some gut level, we know (or have known) that there is something wrong.  But our heads can get in the way of our gut, and talk ourselves out of what we deeply know.  It can go something like this:

Your son comes home from an evening out.  He stumbles a little and heads straight for his room, shuts the door, and goes right to sleep.  Your gut tells you to investigate further.  Your head says, ‘He’s had a long week and he’s probably just really tired’, so you just let it pass.  Your head just talked you out of what your gut told you to do.

Your 7th grade daughter has gone from loving and outgoing, to dark, solitary, and secretive.  You tell yourself, ‘7th grade is hard and this is probably just a normal stage’, while your gut is alarmed that this could be serious.

 “What good is intuition if your heart gets in the way of hearing it?”  – Shannon L. Alder

The bottom line is that our gut, our intuition, doesn’t lie but our heads can make up stories and justifications like crazy to counter what our gut tells us.  I have learned that our gut is pretty darn smart, and we should listen a whole lot more to it.

How then, can we get out of our heads enough to listen to our intuition?  That would be different for everyone, but here are 3 simple suggestions:


  1.  Know that your intuition is there for a reason, and that its value is immeasurable.  Learn to understand it and trust it.  It is one of the biggest assets you have.
  2. Clear you mind enough so that you can listen to your gut.  Paul Burnon states is eloquently here.  “This withdrawal from the day’s turmoil into creative silence is not a luxury, a fad, or a futility. It is a necessity, because it tries to provide the conditions wherein we are able to yield ourselves to intuitive leadings, promptings, warnings, teachings, and counsels and also to the inspiring peace of the soul. It dissolves mental tensions and heals negative emotions.”  ― Paul Brunton, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton
  3. Come right out and ask yourself, ‘Is my head overriding my gut right now?”.  Be aware, think about it.  Question yourself!   You might be surprised about what you find out!


When have you used your intuition?  And how did it work for you?  Please share in the comments below.


Leslie Ferris is a Certified and Credentialed Life Coach

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  1. Cathy Taughinbaugh

    I’ve learned more recently about how valuable our intuition really is. I know when my daughter was in trouble, if I had listened more carefully, it may not have gone on for so long. Our intuition is our friend. It is there to help us. We just need to remember to listen. Thanks for the great reminder, Leslie!

    1. Leslie Ferris

      Thanks Cathy. Yes, I feel we are conditioned to ignore our gut because logic get the kudos in our society. But regardless, as you say – we need to remember to listen…

  2. Lisa Frederiksen - BreakingTheCycles.com

    Wow Leslie – this is excellent and one I plan to share with my readers and clients. It’s the tramping down of the gut feeling with plausible excuses that get loved ones into trouble and keep them from setting the boundaries they need to set in order to help their loved one get help. I loved this quote, too! “What good is intuition if your heart gets in the way of hearing it?” – Shannon L. Alder

    1. Leslie Ferris

      Lisa, I love that one too! And it is so true, and happens so often, perhaps even most of the time. Thanks for sharing Lisa… Cheers.

  3. Herby Bell

    Gawd, you had me at Terence McKenna, Leslie. Love that guy and this post. So true and the three suggestions for tapping in…most valuable. The coolest thing is that one of the greatest gifts of my own, ongoing addiction recovery is reclaiming and honing my intuition and that thing tells the Truth. Nothing more regrettable than, “I knew it!” Thanks, Coach.

    1. Leslie Ferris

      So true, Herby. Having looked back and thinking ‘I knew it’ but I didn’t listen to myself. ugh…. :) Cheers Herby,
      thanks for stopping by.

  4. Dave Evans

    Great insights, Leslie! Can’t tell you how many times in the last WEEK this has happened, and when I notice, I realize my gut was outshouted by “logic,” or “Randall,” or even my “to do” list. The quieting ourselves part is so important in learning how to allow our intuition to help us. Our Creator gave it to us for a good reason! Peace

  5. Ellen

    Great post!! What a wonderful reminder. 20 minutes a day of meditation works wonders for me. Even when I don’t think I have the time, I find I actually have MORE time available in the day if I stick with it, because I can more easily focus and don’t get caught up as easily in needless worry. When I’m in that zone of listening to my intuition, life just flows. Of course, it’s just like exercise for me…very easy to fall out of the habit. So, thank you so much for the reminder to return to what works!!

    I will definitely share this with my readers!

  6. Leslie Ferris

    Thanks so much Ellen. Your point about habit is a great one. Soooo easy to fall out of the habit and sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing that! Thanks for sharing this with your readers…..

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